Thursday, July 18, 2013

flower park

Yesterday, Baba and Jiji took us to a really special place, Hana Kouen, Flower Park.  It is so big and there are flowers everywhere you look.  Yukine LOVED it!  She just kept saying she wanted to stay forever, but eventually, we had to go home.  Thank you Baba and Jiji for such a fun day!


Our friends came for a visit.  Kana-chan and Hime-chan have a daughter, Mebae-chan, who is 6 months younger than Yukine; and a son, Sasuke-kun, who is 6 months younger than Hiroto.  Yukine and Mebae-chan played so well together.  It was so much fun for all of us.  Once Hiroto and Sasuke get older, I hope they can be as good of friends as Yukine and Mebae.  Thanks for spending the day with us!

Ichie-san visit

Our friends, Ichie-san, Kaz, and Yume-chan came to visit.  Yukine and Yume-chan played non-stop for hours!  It was so nice to see old friends.  Thank you for coming!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Yoshibu soba

This is our favorite soba restaurant.  Mmmm, as always it was excellent!

Ukenokuchi onsen

Jiji and Hiroto

potato harvest and bubbles

First day in Japan and Yukine got right to work harvesting potatoes with Baba.  Summer is such a nice time to be here, so many delicious veggies and fruits!